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Every measurement device that is produced by the Client uses calibration tables to convert raw ADC samples to final physical values. Each device has to be calibrated at the production stage and the calibration procedure takes significant amount of time at present.
The main goal is to develop software that will be able to:

  • to display, to input, to edit each calibration table in clear and obvious even for uninitiated man way;
  • to load previously created device configurations from the file for further editing;
  • to save opened/edited device configuration document into file;
  • to detect the device connection to the PC and to display this event in the UI;
  • to download opened/chosen device configuration into connected device with simultaneous error checking;
  • to perform logging of all significant events;


The Qt5 toolkit was chosen as a basis for the target software implementation. The Qwt library was selected to add 2D-charts rendering functionality with pan/zoom/scroll ability. To implement data exchange via USB the libusb library was deployed as in [previous project] (item_8). The cross-platform support has become a nice feature of each of mentioned earlier libraries.
Below you may see the screenshot of the being developed application with Russian UI translation:


Both the developed application along with USB⟷UART converter has become widely using in the Client's devices manufacturing process.
The application itself is still being actively developed with roadmap for a couple years ahead.

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