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The being developed software is purposed to handle high-speed linear cameras of Basler AG and to save incoming videostream for further processing. The main goal of postprocessing is to figure out finish time of each sportsman with high precision.


The requirement list to the software includes:

  • the top resolution of recording image - 1 ms;

The software itself has:

  • to be able to adjust different low-level image-related settings including Black Level, Gain Level and others;
  • to be able to scroll through recorded image row and fix results in both directions either in Active (recording) or in "Load-From-File" modes;
  • to be able to zoom-in/stretch the recorded image along the Y-axis - for more precise result fixation;
  • to be able to generate summary protocol that includes all fixed results during the trial in PDF-format;
  • to be able to generate participant's detailed protocol that includes his result and finishing image in PDF-format;


The camera manufacturer provides a software development kit - Pylon SDK - that makes it much faster to implement all camera-related software issues. It has a .NET bindings along with others, that's why the .NET + WPF were chosen to implement the target application.
You may see how the desktop application looks being launched in Russian localized Windows environment.


Since the spring of 2016 when the application was heavily tested by the Client - it has become widely used in sport events of local and regional level.

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