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HummingBoard – is a single board computer (SBC) being produced by SolidRun and is targeted to be used in IoT-related solutions. The main goal of this project was to adapt the typical stock Linux-distribution, that is supplied by the manufacturer, to client-specific tasks. Adaptation includes:

  • to add Qt5 support out-of-the-box;
  • to create WiFi access-point by SBC itself right after it’s operating system is loaded;
  • to add data exchange support via asynchronous UART with remote devices with TTL logic levels (RS232/RS485 are not required);
  • to figure out how on-board GPIOs can be used as either digital inputs or outputs by Linux userspace-application;


The most difficult part of this work was to add WiFi access-point autolaunch functionality to the existing Linux distribution. This work was described in this note (in Russian). GPIO and UART demo-applications were created to show to Client how both of them can be used in real application.The applications can be treated as typical code-snippets due to its limited functionality. These snippets can be easily integrated in being developed applications. Installation of both Qt5 and its dependency list is routine and unremarkable process. Some of dependencies were taken right from existing repositories, other were cross-compiled for target platform. At the very end the graphical windowed Qt-application was built and launched right on the SBC with connected monitor.


The whole’s system image with included mentioned above functionality can be considered as the main project result.

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