We can become useful for you in case if you are in search of people who are able:

  • to develop a firmware for a wide spectrum of microcontrollers (MCU), digital signal processors (DSP) as well as general purpose processors. The MCU list includes:
    • aST Microelectronics: all ARM-based device families - from STM32L0 to STM32H7
    • Microchip: all PIC families from a legacy to the modern ones
    • Atmel (a division of Microchip): all new ARM-based and legacy AVR-based devices, obviously, including Arduino
    • NXP: all ARM-based devices
  • The DSP list includes:
    • Devices: all ADSP, Blackfin and SHARC DSPs
    • Texas Instruments
    • Microchip: dsPIC devices
  • to develop a software that is supposed to be launched on a single-board computers (SBC) with Linux operating system onboard. The very well known Raspberry Pi is a typical SBC. Some tasks in this area suppose close to real time application behaviour, so development can become challenging.
  • to port/develop a board support package (BSP) for a redesigned/new hardware board to make it possible to launch specified operating system and software stack on it
  • to maintain existing device's source codebase, i.e. to perform bug fixes, to impement new features requested by users.
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